My first trip to Washington D.C. was in the spring of 2001 as a chaperone with my daughter’s eighth grade class. K&K was the tour company and they did a fantastic job. I had the most amazing time and I learned so much! Oh… and so did my daughter! : ) Four years later, I couldn’t pass up the chance to chaperone my middle daughter’s class to D.C.  It was just as amazing as the first trip! And I thought, I would really like to be a tour guide when my youngest child gets a little older.

In 2009 I joined the K& K team.  It has been so exciting and rewarding to share our nation’s history with my groups! I am passionate about this great country and I feel such a calling to educate our young people on how it was formed and the responsibility we all have as Americans to protect and care for her.

The motor coach becomes our school on wheels! The sites we see are profound and awe inspiring. This is the most fun you will have experiencing American history as we stand in some of the exact locations as our founding fathers!

It is my hope for each group that we leave D.C. as “patriots”, showing honor and respect to the soldiers who protect us and doing our part to preserve this great nation!