“The Rewriting of the 1st Amendment” was the title of a magazine article I had selected.
As I read along, I became furious that the phrase, “separation of church and state”, did not appear
in the Constitution or Bill of Rights as I had heard stated by various persons and news media.
But my real anger was with myself – that I had not taken the time to read the 1st Amendment in
the Bill of Rights for myself. I had been a willingly “ignorant” person, allowing others to tell me
what they believed to be true. No more!

That incident began a search for truth with an intense study of the Declaration of
Independence, Blackstone’s Commentary on the British Law, and the founders of this country.
Seeing how important and brilliant the Declaration of Independence was, I began to teach all of
our guides these lessons, and the Declaration of Independence became the focal point of our DC
Tours. You can’t talk about the Declaration without a true appreciation for the sacrifices made to
make and preserve it. Thus patriotism, sacrifice, and freedom became natural “off-shoots” of the
teaching of the Declaration while on these DC Tours.

I love this country and the opportunities available to each of us. As a professional teacher,
I have the privilege of sharing this country’s heritage with eager young students and their
chaperones. Nothing is more gratifying than when a student or adult grasps the uniqueness of this
country, sacrifices made to preserve it, and their role in preserving freedom for the future.

I have been blessed beyond measure with the challenge of “Preserving America’s
Heritage”, our company motto.