I, along with Kathy, founded K&K Tours, Inc. in 1982.

My first student trip to the nation’s Capital was as a teacher in 1971. In addition to touring the city, that
first group of students camped in tents and even cooked some of their own meals.

Some things have changed! Now groups stay in hotels & students are not responsible for preparing &
cooking their own meals. Our nation’s Capital has grown and continues to change with new museums
& new monuments honoring great men and women.

Others things have not changed! I am a retired teacher of 30 years; I taught middle school students in the
subjects of science, history and geography. I believe in a “hands-on experience”! It was important to design
and format our tours as a learning experience; groups are even given a student handbook (homework) about
the nation’s Capital and the places we visit. Our Washington D.C. trips are educational and fun!

I love to design and build; in 1980, I and Kathy built our home and office from the ground up. Over the years, it
has included additions & remodels and is still a work in progress.

Faith and God have always been an important part of my and Kathy’s life. We can truly say, God has
blessed us as a family and business.